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Main Difference of Linux and Windows Web Hosting

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Windows and Linux are two different types of OS (operating systems). Today Most of web hosting service providers offer two different kinds of hosting: such as windows hosting and Linux hosting.

Windows hosting runs Windows OS on the web servers. Linux hosting runs Linux OS on the web servers. If you are using Linux web hosting than you don’t need Linux OS (Operating System) on your system or PC. Generally, Linux web hosting is easily flexibility and much cheaper than windows web hosting prices.

Windows Hosting

Linux OS is a free open source system not like windows OS. Most of web hosting service providers do not need to pay licensing fees for using Linux OS as their web hosting servers. So they can able to offer lower prices for this type of Linux based web hosting services.

In general, most of websites run on a Linux-based hosting has a reliable, stable, strong reputation for security, web server performance and more efficient than windows. Basically both Linux and windows web hosting providing same level of basic functions.

Linux Hosting

Linux based platform is offering server side scripting code like PHP, Perl, Python, My SQL, Java, ASP, SSI etc., which supports scripts applications such as phpBB, Zen Cart and WordPress. Windows web hosting is offering Windows based technologies such as Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL (MSSQL), ASP, Dot NET, Visual Basic development, Remote Desktop (dedicated servers only).

So choose which type of web hosting services is depends on what kind of specific scripting technologies your style of website needs.

One of other difference is that Linux server based files are case-sensitive and Windows server based files are not case-sensitive. For example – index.html, INDEX.HTML and Index.html are different names in Linux server, but index.html, INDEX.HTML and Index.html are the same name in windows server.

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